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How Long Does Alcohol Stay In Urine?

How long does alcohol stay in urine and how does it have any effects on you? Alcoholic beverages contains ethanol which is commonly known as alcohol. Wines and beers are the mostly common examples of alcoholic beverages. They are commonly seen on special events such as parties, birthday celebrations, weddings and many more.

Alcohol consumption should be regulated for the reason that alcohol brings different kind of illness especially to those who are heavy drinker. Thus, if a person is under the influence of alcohol, there is a possibility that he will not be aware of the things that he is doing. Alcohol is a flammable liquid. Everyone should avoid it from fires and heat.

Though alcohol may taste really good for those who drink, it is considered to be poison on our body that affects our central nervous system wherein it impairs our motor skills that is controlled by the brain. 1 oz. of alcohol can be processed by our liver per hour. 90 percent of it has been broke down by our metabolism and the other 10 percent goes out through our urine.

For a drink per hour, a rate of .015 percent is burned. We have different metabolisms, some are fast ans some are slow. The duration of alcohol in our urine depends on our metabolism. If a person drinks for about 24 oz. of alcohol, it will not be detected anymore after 24 hours and that is the way of knowing how long does alcohol stat in urine.

There is a common fallacy that the bigger the person is, the more alcohol he or she can drink. For bigger people, it will take longer for them to absorb alcohol than the other. Drinking hot coffee or taking a cold shower is not the right way of getting rid of alcohol. They will keep you stay awake but it will not metabolize the alcohol. For long consumption of alcohol, it will not balance the fluid inside our body.

Thus, it causes clogging of waste which appears to be the primary cause of renal problems, brain damage and heart attacks. To those who are used to be heavy drinkers. They should lower it down for it is not good to consume a huge amount of alcohol which may lead in to several illnesses. You have just learned how long does alcohol stay in urine and that some of what we believe are not true about how to get rid of alcohol.